Monthly Archives: August 2012

Skeleton Art

Today for my photography class I went to a newly renovated location in my city and took some pretty good, but amateur photos (which is why I’m in the class!). The place is beautiful with sidewalks running along the river, mini waterfalls, beautiful foliage and an amazing Mexican restaurant. Their authentic Mexican street tacos were mouthwatering, but what I found most entertaining was the skeleton man sitting on a bench outside the restaurant. 

Can you tell the difference between the actual camera I was using and then my Iphone camera? I feel as though I will be completely spoiled by the end of this class and phone pictures will no longer be sufficient.


Wednesday, my one leisure day during the week. I awoke early to purchase my last book for my photography class and on the way back I decided to celebrate the fact that I was up early and that my boyfriend was also awake at home by buying cheese coffee cake! I tend to stray away from sweets and anything unhealthy, but I threw those thoughts away today. The coffee cake was amazing as well as the coffee that accompanied it. After drinking a couple cups, I ironically fell asleep until noon when my mother came to visit me! With her she brought a box full of all the Halloween decorations I have purchased throughout the past couple years. I decided I would be decorating early- extremely early- this year, but I decided to wait a couple more weeks. It didn’t feel right yet. I did, however, place a few decorations out which cause me complete happiness whenever I gaze upon them. On the midnight of October 1, I go to the store and buy Halloween decorations in bulk. It’s one of the few traditions I have, but I adore it to no end. Except many, many Halloween posts to come!

Kidder, my hyper and beautiful kitty


Growing up, I never had a pet. I never knew what it was like to interact with animals or share a home with them so I merely dismissed them as an odd species I would never understand. My boyfriend loves cats. Loves them. Cats always come up to him when we’re outside, in someones house, everywhere. We decided to adopt a cat a little over a year ago and my life drastically changed. I fell in love with this small animal! He’s not like a normal cat, he’s hyper and very kind. He runs up the walls, chases me, plays fetch and hide and seek. We all go to bed at the same time, it’s quite insane. He’s also very photogenic and fancy. His name is Kidder.

Hallucinations, a short film

I took a video production class last semester that I absolutely loved. Our professor allowed us to create any type of video we pleased, and of course I chose the horror route for all of the assignments. This video was my second in the class and the one I enjoyed making the most. I want to continue creating films with others who are passionate about the same interests I have, yet I can’t seem to find any time in my empty schedule.

The video is about a writer who runs out of material and ingests a substance that causes him to hallucinate.

Avoiding homework, thinking of October

Currently it is 10 p.m. and I am realizing I have a homework assignment to complete for my class, Law and the Media. I have rationalized I can complete this tomorrow because the class does not begin until 6 p.m. I am proud to say I have become quite organized and purchased a planner before the school year began so I can write down every assignment and holiday. Instead of talking about school, I shall type of what I truly am looking forward to- HALLOWEEN!

Oh, how I love October. I await for the month every year. This year I have decided to begin decorating in September which is a mere month away! My boyfriend and I are trying to plan a trip to Universal Studios for their Halloween Horror Nights! I would be willing to shell out the cash to attend this festivity. That is how much I love Halloween. I don’t spend money on anything, but I will for this, and anything involving the holiday. I’ve begun saving money because just the purchase of decorations and costumes is a fortune, for me.

The above photo is from last October, when my apartment was new and the walls were bare. I miss this. My apartment is now overflowing with items, mostly my boyfriends. Well, mostly his furniture. Slowly I am cleaning out all unnecessary items. This years mantel will be far more extravagant!

As fall approaches

During the summer, I set a goal for myself to begin a blog, however I became so obsessed with the creation of the layout that I never followed through. Now that fall begins to approach, I have found the motivation to begin. I love fall, mostly because I love Halloween. My school semester began last Monday, and now that the first week of school anxiety has passed, I have enough calmness to post all of my inspirations as well as daily activities. I am a senior and college and sometimes find myself wondering what I would be doing if I was not in school. I feel as though since I am in college, I must only concentrate on my education, yet this goes against everything else I believe in. I want to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. As the days pass, I want to fill them with happiness and not take any moment for granted. This blog shall help me to document my thoughts and keep my mind sane. Well, as sane as I can possibly be.