Avoiding homework, thinking of October

Currently it is 10 p.m. and I am realizing I have a homework assignment to complete for my class, Law and the Media. I have rationalized I can complete this tomorrow because the class does not begin until 6 p.m. I am proud to say I have become quite organized and purchased a planner before the school year began so I can write down every assignment and holiday. Instead of talking about school, I shall type of what I truly am looking forward to- HALLOWEEN!

Oh, how I love October. I await for the month every year. This year I have decided to begin decorating in September which is a mere month away! My boyfriend and I are trying to plan a trip to Universal Studios for their Halloween Horror Nights! I would be willing to shell out the cash to attend this festivity. That is how much I love Halloween. I don’t spend money on anything, but I will for this, and anything involving the holiday. I’ve begun saving money because just the purchase of decorations and costumes is a fortune, for me.

The above photo is from last October, when my apartment was new and the walls were bare. I miss this. My apartment is now overflowing with items, mostly my boyfriends. Well, mostly his furniture. Slowly I am cleaning out all unnecessary items. This years mantel will be far more extravagant!


1 thought on “Avoiding homework, thinking of October

  1. Deborah Aldridge

    Horror nights is so much fun! I’ve been twice. October is my favorite month here in SW Florida, because the weather is just perfect. My garden is usually growing well and you can actually sit outside to greet the trick-or-treaters. This is my first year here for Halloween, so I don’t know if we have a lot of little goblins, but I hope so.


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