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High fashion Halloween inspiration

Continuing with my favorite theme.

*All images are not mine and have URLs attached. 

The howling wind

Today as I woke up, I heard a familiar sound while walking through my living room- the sound of the wind howling outside my door. Fall weather has, hopefully, finally arrived! I immediately stepped outside and took in the fresh air. Ahhh, everything seems to be well!
Yesterday I made at trip to Spirit Halloween and sadly found out that all of the outfits I have previously mentioned I wanted to buy are sold online. I’m one who needs to try on the outfit before I purchase the apparel. *sigh* Well, I did try on one costume, this burlesque outfit. If all else fails! Tonight I am making my traditional trip to buy Halloween decor in bulk at midnight when it is officially October 1!

*Image is from Spirit Halloween and has URL attached. 

Skeleton dress

Last year I spotted this dress at a small Halloween store and somehow convinced myself not to purchase it. Now that October has arrived, I have the opportunity to ruthlessly search through stores until I come across this gorgeous, must-have outfit for me. I’m imaging it with black tights, heeled boots, and a long, thick, red jacket on top. Ahhhh!!!!

*Image is from Spirit Halloween and has URL attached.

Fashion, fashion, fashion

Now, I am one to usually despise photos, especially candid shots, but when my friend asked me to help her out with her design project and wear her dress I said yes. The shoot was actually fun and relaxing. I didn’t think much when I was having the photos taken, just staring at the camera, not really moving my face. Well, here’s the shot she likes the best so far for her portfolio. Hopefully she’ll send me more soon!

Another morning, another costume search

Today is my day off!!! I am resisting the urge to fall back into slumber so I can enjoy my whole day, from coffee before 8 a.m. to whatever it is I want to do today. I need to go to Sephora and pick up my foundation and I’ll casually browse the mall, probably stop by Victoria’s Secret and maybe another store to pick up a new item of clothing or some accessories. I went onto my favorite site again (Spirit Halloween) and found these two costumes that I had chosen for last year, but never actually saw available at the store. I desperately want to try each of them on! Last night, I submitted an article to Yahoo for couples costumes. Hopefully it will be published this week and I can share the link!

Now, blue or pink?

*All images are from Spirit Halloween and have URLs attached.