The beginnings of September

Finally, September 1 has arrived. After a hectic week, I am finally able to relax with a cup of coffee and let myself unwind. I’m always torn between whether I want to stay in or venture out into the world on my days off. I’m listening to this song called Intro by the XX. There are no words, just instrumentals. I can think clearer when lyrics of songs aren’t interrupting my thoughts. I’d like to think my mind becomes the lyrics in the song that sings with no words, but whoever wrote it had their own thoughts seeping through before mine could intertwine. Oh, philosophy, how you have changed the way I view the world before me. I believe everyone should take at least one philosophy course, or at least read about philosophy for it truly influences you in ways that no other subject can. I have found that many people find the teachings of philosophy to be “boring”, but I guess they don’t understand, or don’t want to take the time to deepen their thoughts and truly dissect all that is around them. I am quite sure I will minor in philosophy. I am only in my second course, ethics, and to minor I only need to take four more classes. The class I am most looking forward to is the aesthetics of art and beauty. I wouldn’t mind taking all the classes available. I didn’t major in philosophy because society has told me there are no jobs for those who take that path. What a shame. Even if minoring in the subject doesn’t grant me any financial success, the mental success will be far greater. !!! The coffee is beginning to kick in!!!


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