Tropical paradise

Extravagant breakfast on the boat

The Carnival Magic ship at the port in Cozumel, Mexico

A corona in Mexico, of course

Pure happiness after the corona in Mexico.

Beautiful view in the Cayman Islands. I can still feel the wind brushing against me.

Quick drink at Margarita ville in the Cayman Islands before boarding the ship again.

Water slide in Margarita ville

Traveling back to the ship

Jamaica! My favorite destination

Paradise on the beach

Last night, I had a vivid dream of being on a cruise. The water surrounded the boat for miles, water slides towered above my head, palm trees were visible everywhere you turned your head, the sun beamed onto your body, and these images are not just from my dream world, they’re from a cruise I took in January. The views from the cruise alone left me without words and after shortly reliving this beautiful escape, I began looking at prices to journey off into the depths of the ocean again. How I wish I would’ve had a decent camera to capture more photos! However, I wasn’t into photography at the beginning of the year. Next time!


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