All you can eat sushi fail

I tend to eat very,very light meals yet I was ecstatic when the restaurant my boyfriend and I chose tonight featured all you can eat sushi- good sushi! Cautiously, I asked the waiter how many pieces of sushi came with each roll since it was all you could eat and you had to pay for the rolls you did not ingest. He replied what I thought was “two”. Great! I figured I would be able to taste test at least six different rolls. I ordered my first two rolls and then went on to make a list of the additional rolls I would order, numbered from one to six. As my boyfriend and I playfully chatted about our cat and my passionate love affair with raw fish, the waiter arrived with two very large rolls. “You have to eat all of them,” my boyfriend announced as I gazed down upon the monstrous meal.
With each bite my boyfriend cheered me on and smiled a smile I had never seen before. Did I eat them all or did we have to pay an extra $14 per roll?

I ate them all. Yum.


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