Pending costumes

I have yet to visit a Halloween store for reasons unknown since one of my favorite hobbies is trying on Halloween costumes, or any costumes for that matter. I tend to stray away from the classic outfits- barely there, ultra sexy outfits. Now, I’m not saying I’m not going for the sexy Halloween look, but I go for outfits that you don’t typically find at Halloween bashes. I have a few in my closet that I will post soon, and here are my favorite picks for this year, from what I saw after one page of Halloween searching on Spirit.

If I purchase the Black Widow outfit, I’m considering purchasing a red wig. I went through a wig stage before (for about three days) in the privacy of my own bedroom, and they all looked quite horrible and terribly unrealistic. But this will be Halloween. I never watched the movie Jonah Hex, but  this outfit calls to me. I most likely will not choose the Sucker Punch outfit, although I adore the movie as well as the soundtrack, but I’ll have fun trying it on. Oh, the choices and the money that will be spent!

*All images are from Spirit Halloween and have URLs attached. 


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