Monthly Archives: October 2012

One hour until Halloween

October 31, a mere hour away. I can hardly wrap my mind around it. My plans don’t include a Halloween party, but nevertheless I shall have myself a Halloween celebration. I plan on awakening early and watching a horror movie while the sun has not yet risen and light candles by my bed. I have a Halloween costume I purchased and I plan on doing my hair and makeup accordingly for the day- messy and dark with blood dripping from my neck. My boyfriend, luckily, will be off at one and before he arrives home I am going to the grocery store to purchase ghastly goodies. I will try and sneak in time to read the Shining on my porch. During the daytime hours I will spend some time photographing my cat in his sock monkey outfit 🐱🐵for a happy Halloween card! I will be sure to post the images online. When darkness sets in, James and I will light a fire and carve pumpkins, traditional Halloween activities. In the past I have always spent Halloween night in a daze at Halloween parties and although I will miss it, I’m desperately trying to concentrate on the other aspects of Halloween that do no involve partying. What a haunting night it shall be.

Three days until Halloween!

With Halloween looming towards us, I find it hard to believe how swiftly the month of October has gone. Weather has finally been set to it’s natural state this time of year and my jackets, boots and tights have been thrusted to the front of the closet. The darkness has begun to sweep across the city at an earlier hour and I find myself with the urge to watch frightening movies that will leave me clutching to my beloved. I have loved this month- the decorations, the horror, the excitement. I have no concrete plans for October 31, perhaps a movie marathon, jack-o-lantern carving and candy binge while my boyfriend and I lounge in our Halloween costumes with our fireplacel lit. Whatever happens for the next three days, I am determined to greet Novemeber with open arms and not look back on what I “should’ve” done during October, for I can experience spooky related activities whenever I please.

Wellness through water


I find myself stressed out multiple times a day for no particular reason. I worry constantly and I tire myself out on a daily basis. During the summer, I attempted to live a healthier lifestyle which involved not only eating right and frequently throughout the day and exercise, but also other activities that would add to my overall wellness. Today I took a small step by taking a warm, bubble bath when I found myself approaching rage mode over the fact that I was merely bored. While soaking in the bath I began to mentally create a weekly schedule of wellness activities. Creating a schedule seemed like I was going in the opposite direction off my goal. So, I decided I will make a conscious effort to add more relaxation and calming methods to my life such as more bubble baths, massages, meditation, yoga, reading for longer than 30 minutes, stretching, walking, spending time in nature, and whatever else I feel will calm my lifestyle. Hopefully blogging about this will help me accomplish my goals. Well, check one for tonight!

Wednesday, a day of excitement!

Today is my day off! I am thrilled and although I attempted to wake up early, I did not, but this happens almost every Wednesday. To start the morning off I am going to make coffee and await my moms arrival. She’s coming to visit Kidder and I. Later I am going to go by a costume store and search for a renaissance outfit and do research on nearby hotels. I’m still undecided if I want to travel to the festival.
Oh, how hard it is to get out of bed, but I must. I also recorded all shows with “Halloween” in the title so I have hours of television to watch.