Masters of Horror: “Sick Girl”

With thoughts of Halloween seeping through my mind at every moment of the day, I’ve decided to begin documenting all the horror movies I watch. I adore the Master of Horror films, even though some of them aren’t frightening at all, and am making my way through all of the episodes. One episode that I thought was amazing was “Sick Girl”, which starrs Angela Bettis, one of my favorite actresses. Bettis stars as an entomologist (someone who studies bugs) and has insects throughout her entire house. She begins a relationship with a girl who’s always seen sketching by herself and is just as awkwardly social as she is. Nervous that her new girlfriend will be turned off by the amount of bugs she owns, Bettis hides them all in her bedroom, however, this doesn’t keep one bug from destroying their relationship and Bettis’s girlfriends sanity.
I enjoyed the movie, mostly because of the awkwardness of the relationship between the two women. It’s not horrifying, unless you have entomophobia.

Horror scale


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