Going on four days without my precious laptop. I will be taking it to be looked at by a tech professional this week and hopefully everything will be restored. Today was a beautiful Sunday! I visited the mummy exhibit I’ve been desperately waiting to see and the mummies were astounding. I asked if photography was permitted, but sadly it was not. While I was walking through the exhibit, my mind was unable to grasp the concept of actual mummification. I have a tendency to become faint in situations where the visuals are too intense or graphic, yet i felt fine even while gazing upon the most gruesome of mummies. They had mummies of fetuses, animals, young children and older humans. Some mummies had their hair still attached and many had their nails still intact. One mummy was of a mother who had a child under her abdomen and another child lying on top of her. How I wish I could of taken photos!
After, I ventured around the vicinity and took pictures of the beautiful scenery. Then my boyfriend and I went out to eat at a restaurant I despised, but the ahi tuna salad was pleasant.
My fall break begins Wednesday!!!! I will devote my break to more Halloween festivities. Happy Sunday night.


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