After watching a documentary, my boyfriend decided to try out the vegan diet and see how it affected his everyday life. Being the supportive girlfriend I am, I decided to try it out as well, for a few meals at least. When I suggested cooking some rice and vegetables for dinner, James immediately reminded me of a vegan restaurant I had mentioned and we flew off to enjoy the cuisine there. Wow. I had vegetable enchiladas, poblano brown rice and a corn salad. It was the first time in my life that I finished all the enchiladas given to me at a restaurant. James opted for the monster nacho taco which he demolished quickly, hence the lack of photographs.

Now, besides the veganness, I am officially on fall break!!!!!!! I am ecstatic and can now focus on all things horror. Ah!!! My posts have been far too kind and G rated. Well, on to the blood and gore.


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