Wellness through water


I find myself stressed out multiple times a day for no particular reason. I worry constantly and I tire myself out on a daily basis. During the summer, I attempted to live a healthier lifestyle which involved not only eating right and frequently throughout the day and exercise, but also other activities that would add to my overall wellness. Today I took a small step by taking a warm, bubble bath when I found myself approaching rage mode over the fact that I was merely bored. While soaking in the bath I began to mentally create a weekly schedule of wellness activities. Creating a schedule seemed like I was going in the opposite direction off my goal. So, I decided I will make a conscious effort to add more relaxation and calming methods to my life such as more bubble baths, massages, meditation, yoga, reading for longer than 30 minutes, stretching, walking, spending time in nature, and whatever else I feel will calm my lifestyle. Hopefully blogging about this will help me accomplish my goals. Well, check one for tonight!


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