Three days until Halloween!

With Halloween looming towards us, I find it hard to believe how swiftly the month of October has gone. Weather has finally been set to it’s natural state this time of year and my jackets, boots and tights have been thrusted to the front of the closet. The darkness has begun to sweep across the city at an earlier hour and I find myself with the urge to watch frightening movies that will leave me clutching to my beloved. I have loved this month- the decorations, the horror, the excitement. I have no concrete plans for October 31, perhaps a movie marathon, jack-o-lantern carving and candy binge while my boyfriend and I lounge in our Halloween costumes with our fireplacel lit. Whatever happens for the next three days, I am determined to greet Novemeber with open arms and not look back on what I “should’ve” done during October, for I can experience spooky related activities whenever I please.


One thought on “Three days until Halloween!

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