One hour until Halloween

October 31, a mere hour away. I can hardly wrap my mind around it. My plans don’t include a Halloween party, but nevertheless I shall have myself a Halloween celebration. I plan on awakening early and watching a horror movie while the sun has not yet risen and light candles by my bed. I have a Halloween costume I purchased and I plan on doing my hair and makeup accordingly for the day- messy and dark with blood dripping from my neck. My boyfriend, luckily, will be off at one and before he arrives home I am going to the grocery store to purchase ghastly goodies. I will try and sneak in time to read the Shining on my porch. During the daytime hours I will spend some time photographing my cat in his sock monkey outfit 🐱🐵for a happy Halloween card! I will be sure to post the images online. When darkness sets in, James and I will light a fire and carve pumpkins, traditional Halloween activities. In the past I have always spent Halloween night in a daze at Halloween parties and although I will miss it, I’m desperately trying to concentrate on the other aspects of Halloween that do no involve partying. What a haunting night it shall be.


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