Monthly Archives: January 2013


Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. I feel as though I have matured with age because I typically loathe my birthday and end up crying sometime throughout the day. Now, I am quite excited. Tomorrow morning I want to wake up and have a cup of hot chai tea while watching some of my favorite shows and then James and I are going to my favorite sushi place for lunch!!! After, shopping spree and then my brother is cooking me pizza. 22, wow.

Brunch, brunch, brunch

Salmon BagelDSCN0233Penguin friend
I love brunch! This Sunday my boyfriend and I traveled into the depths of downtown in search of the perfect brunch meal and found an overly crowded restaurant with hardly any seating. Typically, we leave these types of situations before one of us decides we can no longer take the large amount of people surrounding us, but today we didn’t and had a joyful meal which ended with me attempting to photograph the city and spilled coffee all over the concrete. What a wonderful Sunday it was.

Saturday morning!

How neglectful I have been this past week! With school starting up again, I’ve been falling asleep at unbelievably early hours. Today, I am off, and am trying to find the energy to get dressed and drive over to my parents for coffee and breakfast. I feel like taking photos today, and going to a thrift store thanks to that popular song Thrift Shop by Macklemore. *types songs into YouTube and happily sings along*

New apartment!

After months, actually years, of searching, my boyfriend and I have finally found an amazingly beautiful, decently priced apartment! We move in two months and I am thrilled for the change. The apartment is twice the size of the current one bedroom we reside in and the closet(s!) are huge, as well as the kitchen. I snapped a few photos from the furnished apartment they show to all potential residents and well, it was a euphoric experience. These were my favorite photos.
Another view of living room and front doorLiving roomMaster bedroomMaster bathKitchen

Song I’m currently obsessed with- Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

My musical choices have certainly broadened since I began listening to Pandora. I’m finding so many amazing songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat, and repeat, and repeat. This song, Home, is a song I never thought I would’ve fallen in lust with, but it’s quite beautiful- the lyrics and the tune. I don’t even know how to describe the genre in my own words. It’s a song that I visualize playing in an old 70s movie. If you haven’t heard it, I recommend you listen! Quite a happy song.