Monthly Archives: April 2014

All day indoors

Yesterday I strained my shoulder and have since kept myself indoors for the remainder of the weekend. I did spend time sitting on my porch for some sunlight to replenish my energy! After consuming two cups of a coffee and some mint lemongrass tea (which is amazing!), I found myself watching a horrible show on Netflix– Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas. I never watched the show Bridezillas, solely because of the name. A couple screaming at each other before and on their wedding day is not something I wish to take part in. Perhaps the drama is amped up because the cameras are rolling and that specific target audience expects screaming and crying, but all that anger on such a monumental, amazing day, is saddening.

This show– Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas– is exactly what the title states, and although it is entertaining, after two episodes I had to switch it off because all that on camera arguing was beginning to put me in a negative space. I am now six hours clean from the show and I am feeling quite amazing.