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Four years

JamesAnniversaryFourYearsFour years ago today, I drove James to a park and set out a blanket and some flameless candles. I asked him to be my boyfriend, and he happily said yes.

Four years, four amazingly beautiful years. I won’t write a long story; for there is no ending in sight. Who says all love stories need endings anyways?

When we first started dating

Two years in

And now. To you, my love. xx


Lingerie- part III


In the final installment of my lingerie series, I wanted to chat about the importance of having a quality bra that fits correctly. Finding the perfect bra can easily compare to finding the perfect mate: you feel uplifted, complete and sexy.

There are a few simple ways to tell if your bra does not fit correctly.
1. You find yourself slipping out of your bra multiple times a day.
2. There’s a gap at the center of your bra, where the two cups connect.
3. The straps are constantly falling down, or the straps leave red marks.
4. The back of the bra rides up.

Now, how do you find a bra that fits you correctly? One way is to get a fit at- you guessed it- Nordstrom. I know I’ve been on a Nordstrom, lingerie runabout, but only because all I learned about lingerie, I learned at Nordstrom. You can try Victoria Secret, but from my experience, and from many of the ladies who I helped during my time at Nordstrom, Victoria Secret does not do a good job at fitting.

If you’d like to figure out your bra size¬†without the assistance of other humans, here are a few tips.
1. Measure right under your breasts and add two to the number. This is your band size. If you measure 34 around, then your bra size is going to be 36__.
2. Time to choose some bras. You know your band size, now all that’s left is the cup size. Start off with the cup size you’re currently wearing and then get a cup size smaller and a cup size larger. (i.e. you’ve been wearing a C cup, so grab a 36C, 36B and 36D.)
3. Once you’ve grabbed some choices, it’s time to try ’em all on!

When you’re in the dressing room:
1. Hook all the bras on the first hook. As you wear a bra, it begins to loosen up, and when this happens, you begin using the middle hook and so on. You don’t want to purchase a bra that only fits when you have it on the last hook.
2. The middle of the bra, where the two cups connect, should be sitting directly on your skin. This is called tacking. Tacking is wonderful. If it’s slightly raised, then you need a bigger size.
3. Check the straps. You want to be able to comfortably fit two fingers between your body and the bra strap. If you can fit your whole hand, then tighten the straps. This is vital for having the perfect lift.

Whew, lots of text. For another, more visually appealing tutorial, view the video below.

Time to go¬†out and find your perfect bra size! It’s worth it. xx

DIY teal chairs


I’ve been living with these chairs for a little more than three years, and for a little less than three years I’ve thought about changing the fabric. Yesterday, in a random bout, James and I ventured out to find new fabric to reupholster the chairs. At first, we were leaning towards a nice stormy cloud, grey, but quickly settled on a teal when the grey didn’t measure up.

We needed 2′ x 2′ pieces of fabric for our five chairs. I enjoyed cutting the fabric and then stapling them to the back of the seat. It was quite exciting, in only the way DIY projects can be exciting.

I’m thrilled with the new color, as is Kidder, who found himself at home quite quickly. Now, too much talk of DIY, time for something active, like kickboxing.

DIY nightstand

Beforenightstand DIYNightstand
I’m a fan of Pinterest and have always told myself I’m a fan of DIY, however, this is the first project I have actually completed!

I go with a black color scheme in most of my apartment, highlighted by teal and other moderately bright colors. I didn’t snap a before photo of the nightstand, but the dresser (pictured above) is the same, dull wooden color. A couple layers of primer and black paint and the nightstand was transformed! I was finally able to hang the black and white landscape photo and my grandmother’s candles no longer looked out of place.

Next, the dresser. But first, reupholstering the kitchen chairs!

Musical notes

Where have I been hiding? I just now, at this very moment, installed Spotify. Seriously. I’ve been going through the struggles of hoping my favorite songs will come on Pandora, and then when they don’t, casually switching over to YouTube to physically type in the song. Spotify allows you to listen to any album ever? This is beautiful.

Songs I’m currently listening to on repeat:

Pompeii by Jasmine Thompson
Let Her Go by Jasmine Thompson
Together by the XX (Great Gatsby related obsession)
Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray
California by Delta Spirit
Tiny Vessels by Death Cab for Cutie
Love Me Again by John Newman
Summer by Calvin Harris
Life Changes by Casey Veggies

Jasmine Thompson’s voice calms the soul. She sings ever so beautifully, every note sways me.

Emory Peak

This weekend, my boyfriend and I travelled to Lajitas, Texas to visit Big Bend National (and State) park. Big Bend was beyond gorgeous. When we were driving into the park I was in complete disbelief. The mountains towering above us were covered by clouds, making them seem like an optical illusion. It was hard to comprehend. It’s still hard to comprehend the beauty of nature. All of the mountains, the hills, the rivers, they come perfectly together to create this world we live in. Spending four days in nature made me even more philosophical than I already am. Especially when you’re staring into the abyss of blackness which is the sky and then slowly, as the redness in the sky begins to completely disappear, a multitude of stars begin to appear, causing the world to light up once again.

My favorite part of the vacation was when James and I began our hike to Emory Peak, the highest peak in Big Bend National Park with an elevation of 7,825 feet. The hike there and back is 10.6 miles. It was tough. At one point, about an hour before we reached the peak, I felt as if I was having sleep paralysis. My legs were cement, and every inch took every inch of strength in my body. The pain, the sweat (no tears), was worth it.

While I was traveling upwards, I began to think of some of my social fears, and they all came to perspective. When I was out in the wilderness and my biggest fear was seeing a bear standing five feet from me, all the fears from my everyday world seemed miniscule. It was the perfect time to reflect, with no other humans around, with no pressures from society, no pressure from yourself. I had one goal, and that was to reach the top.

After three hours, James and I made it to Emory Peak and the view, the view took away the little breath I had left. All the mountains that had towered above us were now below us. The wind gently grazed your skin as if whispering that you had made it, congratulating you. I stood at the top of the peak and took in all that was at that moment. Not the past, not the future, just the present- nature.

Lingerie- part II

ChantelleMerciBra ChantelleMerciLaceBra
On Thursday, as I promised myself, I went to the anniversary sale at Nordstrom! Every department had gorgeous curtains falling from the ceiling, designating the area where the sale items resided. I had never been to an anniversary sale before, and it was quite exciting. When I arrived at the lingerie department I went straight to my favorite bra that I had dreamt about every night when I worked there, and even after I had left. It was the Chantelle “Merci” bra, pictured above. Ahhh, it’s so gorgeous and fits you perfectly. Perhaps in your closet you may have some bras that you feel are a great fit, but this bra, this bra just holds you in all the right places, and, it’s lace all over. It’s a cut and sewn bra, and it has three sections in the cup that give you a lift, without the assistance of padding. I urge you to buy a bra that has no soft cup at all! It’s a new definition of sexy.

How much was it? Well, it wasn’t on sale for anniversary, but I bought it anyway because clearly, it made an impression on me. For $78, I hang the “Merci” up it it’s own section in my closet.

As well as the gorgeous lace piece above, I purchased the Natori “Feather” and the Chantelle “C Paris” bra.

To beautiful undergarments! May they bring you the confidence to feel sexy even when you’re dressed in a sweater. xx