Trailers are so 2011

Be more spontaneous deserves another check. As James and I stood in line at the movie theater to watch Think Like a Man Too, I realized Deliver Us From Evil had come out already. When I mentioned it to James, he immediately became happier (he was not looking forward to TLAMT). We purchased tickets to Deliver Us.

I remember seeing a preview for the movie, but I hadn’t paid enough attention to it. Going into the movie was a thrilling experience, because I had no idea what was going to happen. I didn’t know the actors in it, I didn’t know the plot, I wasn’t aware of the scary parts the trailers overplay. It was amazing. I enjoyed the movie so much more because I didn’t have time to go in with a subjective outlook.

The movie was quite good. I enjoyed it. I didn’t enjoy the parts that involved the cats, for obvious reasons.

I’m one to always watch trailers before a movie, or read synopsis’s and by doing this, I’m already limiting myself to the full cinematic experience. If the trailer was done poorly, I limit myself from watching a potentially amazing movie. New on my list of things to do more often: watch the movie, not the trailer.



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