Lingerie- part II

ChantelleMerciBra ChantelleMerciLaceBra
On Thursday, as I promised myself, I went to the anniversary sale at Nordstrom! Every department had gorgeous curtains falling from the ceiling, designating the area where the sale items resided. I had never been to an anniversary sale before, and it was quite exciting. When I arrived at the lingerie department I went straight to my favorite bra that I had dreamt about every night when I worked there, and even after I had left. It was the Chantelle “Merci” bra, pictured above. Ahhh, it’s so gorgeous and fits you perfectly. Perhaps in your closet you may have some bras that you feel are a great fit, but this bra, this bra just holds you in all the right places, and, it’s lace all over. It’s a cut and sewn bra, and it has three sections in the cup that give you a lift, without the assistance of padding. I urge you to buy a bra that has no soft cup at all! It’s a new definition of sexy.

How much was it? Well, it wasn’t on sale for anniversary, but I bought it anyway because clearly, it made an impression on me. For $78, I hang the “Merci” up it it’s own section in my closet.

As well as the gorgeous lace piece above, I purchased the Natori “Feather” and the Chantelle “C Paris” bra.

To beautiful undergarments! May they bring you the confidence to feel sexy even when you’re dressed in a sweater. xx


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