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Halloween, where art thou?

Today I screamed while driving by a Spirt Halloween sign. After having a small discussion with James about why I shouldn’t scream when I’m driving a car because it may scare others in the car, I drove towards the sign. Upon arrival, disappointment set in that Spirit Halloween was not open. The sign lied. Since then (11 a.m.), my mind has been fixated on the haunting day, even more so than normal days, so I felt it was only appropriate to go back through my favorite photos from last Halloween. kidders-second-halloween-026 the-pumpkin current-halloween-decor-005 kidders-halloween-celebration-047
20121030-172743 lit-candles

People en Espanol blogger luncheon
















I attended my first blogger event! It was amazing. People en Espanol will be holding their 3rd annual festival this weekend at the Convention Center and yesterday San Antonio bloggers got an exclusive look at the festival.

Victoria ( and I drove to the Convention Center with absolutely no expectations. Having never attended any sort of blogger preview, I was excited and, of course, nervous of the unknown. As soon as we arrived and walked into a room with one large table with a few buffet style tables set up in the corners, I knew it was going to be an amazing luncheon. I could only compare it to the Women in the Arts luncheon Carrie and Samantha attended, but without the champagne and Big drama. Anyways, the menu consisted of chicken with spinach and mushrooms, fish with a white cream sauce and grapes accompanied by asparagus, potatoes and more deliciously cooked vegetables. My favorite part of the meal? The panacotta with a side of warm tea.

After feasting, we entered the festival area, where many displays were already upright. CoverGirl, Disney, Coca Cola and ESPN were a few booths I spotted. The pictures will explain everything. The Disney area was my favorite (and a PR home run) with multiple places to take photos with Mickey hands, Stitch hands and talking bubbles.

I’m hooked. I’m hooked on blogger events, luncheons, anything that brings together a group of amazing ladies with similar interests. Thank you People en Espanol, Disney and Coca Cola for showing me an amazing time.

Until my next luncheon, xx.

VMA fashion wins

Black leather and barely there tops seemed to be all the hype on the red carpet for the VMAs. I adored Lucy Hale in her black, leather crop top and Victoria Justice’s black Lublu Kira Plastinina skirt was amazing and completely unique. When Iggy Azalea stepped out in a silver, skin-tight, Versace gown, I was satisfied for the night. I felt as though I had a glimpse into the future of fashion. xx

My favorite Emmy looks

Well, I started this post with my favorite red carpet looks from the Emmys, but after going through fifty pictures, I only found one look that I absolutely adored. The gorgeous January Jones in a red gown by Prabal Gurung. The list would be longer if I went based of the person wearing it, but I strictly stuck to what wowed me aesthetically and here it is!

UPDATE: I was about to publish, but then I came across Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland. I can’t believe I almost forgot one of the most fashionable women out there. Sofia killing it in a Roberto Cavalli gown and Sarah Hyland make the crop top look amazing on the red carpet thanks to Christian Siriano.

Onto the VMAs, and more risqué looks. xx

“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.”

I just watched The Fault in Our Stars, and I cried, probably about four or five times. Whenever movies dive into such deep waters, where the pains are pains I have been lucky enough not to feel, I feel renewed, recharged, awakened. The thoughts I had previously about day to day worries disintegrate under the light of something so much greater. And I know it was a movie, but movies like this don’t pass through me as soon as the curtain rises. They stay with me for a while, and I’m thankful for all that I wasn’t so acutely aware of before. Thankful for my health and the health of those I love.

The movie was beautiful, I truly enjoyed it, and all of the actresses and actors were wonderful. Too wonderful.

“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” xx

For Love and Lemons

I first came across the amazing, unique brand For Love and Lemons when I was casually browsing through Instagram and saw an image of their lingerie. It was unlike anything I have ever seen and I it didn’t take much for me to become an admirer of For Love and Lemons. I remember reading about the history of the company and it was about two best friends who joined together to create this amazing retail store. I was inspired and even more intrigued with this authentic brand.

I’m a big believer that pajamas shouldn’t be composed of oversized branded t-shirts and printed, cotton pants, or printed, cotton shorts for that matter. Sometimes comfortable pajamas happen, after long days when you’re just too tired to give your night attire a second thought, but I view sleeping time as just another chance to dress it up. Make it fancy. Make yourself feel sexy. For Love and Lemons, I feel you on this!

If you’ve never seen any of For Love and Lemon’s pieces, get ready for your mind to be transported to another fashion dimension where lace, chicness and romanticism all come in one, sometimes tiny, package.


Next, a clothing post perhaps? xx




Ahhh, outfit of the day posts have always been so difficult for me. I become overly critical, almost like I’m editing a thesis. Perhaps even harder than editing a thesis.

Well, I’ve said goodbye to my overly critical self and embraced the casual #OOTD post. Yesterday I purchased this gorgeous skirt from Nordstrom Rack. I was shopping with James and asked him if I had too many high-waisted skirts and he replied with, “Don’t you only have only four or five?” Love hit me hard at that moment.

If I had to choose one fashion obsession, it would be high-waisted skirts. I wear them with grey crop tops, black crop tops, patterned crop tops, sometimes I even accompany them with blouses neatly tucked in, but most of the time, it’s crop tops. The gorgeous dark purple crop top pictured above is from Bar iii. Oh and my other obsession, Angels and Airwaves, a forgotten band from my middle school years that I’ve recently rediscovered and play on repeat.

Goodbye critical self, hello casual lass. xx

Ocho: restaurant galore hidden amongst the trees

OchoOcho OchoSanAntonio Ocho4 Ocho5 Ocho7 OchoSanAntonio2 OchoChickenTingaTorta OchoMenu
Within the Hotel Havana along the River Walk, is Ocho, a gorgeous, contemporary restaurant.

A narrow pathway makes up the restaurant, with a window for the rear wall and chandeliers glimmering in the sunlight. The seating ranges from small tables with blue chairs to couches with mirror tables topped with red roses in small, glass vases.

I immediately fell in love with the architecture and although the menu didn’t intrigue me at first, once I took the first bite of their chicken tinga torta, I knew this would be a frequent lunch spot.
It felt as though you could escape for a while, from whatever chaos was taking place that day. The window must be the answer. You don’t feel enclosed at all for you inside and out simultaneously.

To new lunch adventures! xx

The seductive Altuzarra and Target collaboration

BLOG_dyptich4When this teaser first aired for Altuzarra, I was immediately intrigued. The lace, the heels, the amazing robe (which is one of my current obsessions) worked perfectly together in this short sneak peek. And the teaser is not deceiving; not only is Altuzarra going to be featuring a clothing line, they will also have lingerie. Lingerie at Target? Hm. All I know is I’ll be purchasing the lace mask.
I’ve been searching for previews of what Target is going to be selling, but there’s only a few hints. Very secretive. I love it. Joseph Altuzarra stated he’s going for an “adult seductive” look. I’m in.
Waiting for you, September 14. xx