Vertical gardens

When you live in an apartment and your backyard consists of a nicely sized porch overlooking a nicely sized pool, vertical gardens can completely change the atmosphere of your porch. The greenery, the fresh flowers, the gorgeous smell, all add to the elegance I feel when I’m sipping on my morning tea. Currently, my vertical garden is very much in progress. My parents gave me a wonderful wire shelf, however, my first plant, a rose bush, quickly met it’s death. As my mom revives it, I’ve been researching (pinning) different vertical porches, and beautiful porches filled with lively plants, in anticipation of my green thumb.
Indoor vertical gardens

I may have to stick with succulents. xx


One thought on “Vertical gardens

  1. Melissa D

    This is beautiful! We were growing Lima beans in our apt (science experiment with our kinder girl) but the fire ants moved into the pot when we took it outside. I need to figure out a small garden, though.


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