Ocho: restaurant galore hidden amongst the trees

OchoOcho OchoSanAntonio Ocho4 Ocho5 Ocho7 OchoSanAntonio2 OchoChickenTingaTorta OchoMenu
Within the Hotel Havana along the River Walk, is Ocho, a gorgeous, contemporary restaurant.

A narrow pathway makes up the restaurant, with a window for the rear wall and chandeliers glimmering in the sunlight. The seating ranges from small tables with blue chairs to couches with mirror tables topped with red roses in small, glass vases.

I immediately fell in love with the architecture and although the menu didn’t intrigue me at first, once I took the first bite of their chicken tinga torta, I knew this would be a frequent lunch spot.
It felt as though you could escape for a while, from whatever chaos was taking place that day. The window must be the answer. You don’t feel enclosed at all for you inside and out simultaneously.

To new lunch adventures! xx


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