Saveurs 209: A quick trip to France

Saveurs209SanAntonio Saveurs209SanAntonio2 Saveurs209SanAntonio3Saveurs209LunchMenuSanAntonioDowntown
Located on Broadway rests Saveurs 209, a relatively new French restaurant that may be my new favorite lunch spot. Walking into Saveurs 209, I already fell in lust. The decor was modern, but the small tables against the wall gave it a French touch. I’ve never been to France, but I’ve always imagined it with small tables for meals that consist of bread and pasta.

I had to reread the lunch menu a few times because the first line is in French, and the second line is English. As soon as I came across club sandwich with crab meat, I immediately ordered it. Expecting a stereotypical American sub sandwich, I was pleasantly surprised when the dish (pictured above) was placed in front of me. The sandwich was amazing! So much flavor, but it was so light, so beautiful. However, while the club, crab sandwich was divine, the tartine topped with toasted goat cheese and pecan and quince jam was life changing. It was so good. I could eat them all day. If you go, please get the tartine!
Mmmmm, France! xx


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