13th Floor Horror-fest

13thFloorIcons1 MrHallowsandLaLlorona1 13thFloorIcon LaLlorona1I cannot fathom that the date on my calendar is true. October 17?! My favorite month is slipping through my tight grasp as time continues to spin around my head causing me to fall to the ground. I feel as though I haven’t had any time to sit down and appreciate the gory and horrific nature of my favorite Halloween movies, which is why I have made no plans for my weekend so I can spend my day watching terrifying movies with every blind shut and all of my candles lit while trying on horror makeup and nail designs.

Last night I spent my evening at the 13th Floor with all of the delightful monsters. The group photo is epic. Every character was truly committed to their character and even when I attempted to have conversations I was either met with stares or a comment that made no sense.

Oh well, we’re all monsters here, xx.


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