Spooky Halloween Nail Designs
Express your inner Halloween goddess through spooky and fun nail art inspired from all things Halloween.

Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples
Couple costumes based off classic twosomes from popular movies.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women Based Off Popular 2012 Movies
Whether you want to be full on sexy or somewhat appropriate, the movies released in 2012 provide us with many characters to impersonate for a night.

Costume Ideas for Men Based Off Popular 2012 Movies
Dress up as your favorite on screen character this Halloween!

Flirty Fall Dates
Transform your home into the perfect date spot when temperatures begin to drop!

Why My Cat is My Best Friend
We play together, we nap together and we enjoy life together.

Caring for an Outside Cat
Feral cats enjoy the wild, but it is possible to care for one while they live outdoors.

Adopting Kidder
I never thought I was an animal person, until I set foot into an adoption center and met a playful kitty.


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