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‘Tis the PR Season

PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea4 PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea2 PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea3 PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea5 “I work in PR.”

No, I’m not just quoting Sex and the City again, I really do work in PR! What is public relations? My coworker came up with a great way to describe it- we try to make our clients famous.

With the holidays coming up, our PR firm is showing our gratitude to our clients by creating gorgeous fall boxes to spread some holiday cheer. Another one of my coworkers put these boxes together and as soon as my eyes fell upon them, I took out my camera.

Simple, yet beautiful and filled with the holiday essentials. Wine or coffee, whichever you prefer, it’s coming your way! I’m excited to deliver these boxes, however, instead of being dressed like Santa, I’ll be wearing this grey, floral sweater I found at Target. If you’re looking for a gift to give a coworker, a client, a friend or a loved one, choose a beautifully printed box and don’t forget the hand-written card!


Successful travels




IMG_5537.JPG Today I traveled to Concan, TX to camp with my dearest friend. We spent our evening by the Frio River, listening to our favorite songs and then walking around campsites as the sun set over the hills. It was gorgeous, and once again I am learning that my days spent out doors bring me so much happiness.


Temporary tattoos are the new black

Remember when temporary tattoos were only available in vending machines at your local grocery store? Back when temp tats were only attainable if you had a couple of quarters and you only had a few options, all of which were very obviously fake when you transferred it onto your skin. My favorites used to be the tattoos that said “Angel” and “Princess”. Well, along with my taste in words, the temporary tattoo world has drastically changed.

Temporary tattoos are mystical, beautiful and unbelievably versatile. I believe temporary tattoos are the new black, or at least the newest fashion accessory. Below are some of my favorite temps, which I will be purchasing shortly.
Purchasing “we’re all mad here” right after I post this. Can’t wait. xx

*All images have links attached.

Vertical gardens

When you live in an apartment and your backyard consists of a nicely sized porch overlooking a nicely sized pool, vertical gardens can completely change the atmosphere of your porch. The greenery, the fresh flowers, the gorgeous smell, all add to the elegance I feel when I’m sipping on my morning tea. Currently, my vertical garden is very much in progress. My parents gave me a wonderful wire shelf, however, my first plant, a rose bush, quickly met it’s death. As my mom revives it, I’ve been researching (pinning) different vertical porches, and beautiful porches filled with lively plants, in anticipation of my green thumb.
Indoor vertical gardens

I may have to stick with succulents. xx