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Skeleton: me and you


Amazing bow tights

This fall/winter I plan on living in tights and thigh highs. Every. Single. Day. These cheetah print gloves with lace were amazing as well. I don’t know why I didn’t purchase the cheetah gloves. I must return to the store! Also, all the tights were $3!!! I’m still looking for a pair with skulls and spider webs for Halloween.

Too Sexy Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes sometimes reach the point of being borderline lingerie, but these outfits are strictly for the bedroom.















































































































When I went to a Victoria’s Secret outlet a few months ago I found an aisle that had all these extravagant lingerie outfits in little, black boxes, with prices to match their extravagance. My favorite from this group are the cowgirl, showgirl, angel and sailor. Which is yours?


*All images are from Victoria’s Secret and have URLs attached.