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Saveurs 209: A quick trip to France

Saveurs209SanAntonio Saveurs209SanAntonio2 Saveurs209SanAntonio3Saveurs209LunchMenuSanAntonioDowntown
Located on Broadway rests Saveurs 209, a relatively new French restaurant that may be my new favorite lunch spot. Walking into Saveurs 209, I already fell in lust. The decor was modern, but the small tables against the wall gave it a French touch. I’ve never been to France, but I’ve always imagined it with small tables for meals that consist of bread and pasta.

I had to reread the lunch menu a few times because the first line is in French, and the second line is English. As soon as I came across club sandwich with crab meat, I immediately ordered it. Expecting a stereotypical American sub sandwich, I was pleasantly surprised when the dish (pictured above) was placed in front of me. The sandwich was amazing! So much flavor, but it was so light, so beautiful. However, while the club, crab sandwich was divine, the tartine topped with toasted goat cheese and pecan and quince jam was life changing. It was so good. I could eat them all day. If you go, please get the tartine!
Mmmmm, France! xx

Brunch, brunch, brunch

Salmon BagelDSCN0233Penguin friend
I love brunch! This Sunday my boyfriend and I traveled into the depths of downtown in search of the perfect brunch meal and found an overly crowded restaurant with hardly any seating. Typically, we leave these types of situations before one of us decides we can no longer take the large amount of people surrounding us, but today we didn’t and had a joyful meal which ended with me attempting to photograph the city and spilled coffee all over the concrete. What a wonderful Sunday it was.

Gluten free, Aussie brunch

French toastEgg sandwichSauces for egg sandwich
This morning, James and I ventured to an Aussie bakery and had probably the best brunch we’ve had this year. Their unique french toast slaughtered all other conventional french toasts I’ve ever had, besides homemade french toast of course. I typically loathe egg sandwiches and the mere thought causes me to gag without control, but I tore this one apart once the bacon was removed. The sauces that accompanied the sandwich were roasted bell pepper chutney and cilantro pesto. Ahhh it was so good I wish I could have some right now! *glances at Chinese food sitting nearby and shrugs* Maybe next Sunday.

Calla lilies

Wednesdays, probably my most favorite day of the week because my mom comes over to visit Kidder and I. We spend the morning drinking coffee and eating toast while we watch Kidder in all of his adorable acts. Today we went to Trader Joe’s and I purchased beautiful calla lilies and a personal sized goat cheese pizza, which sadly was not as amazing as it looked. I put all the calla lilies in vases and then googled whether they were poisonous to cats or not, well, turns out they are. So now they all rest beautifully in my bathroom. After my mom leaves I tend to become a bit restless and look for activities to keep me entertained, all while ignoring the fact that I have many tasks, work and school related, that I must complete. So instead of rushing off to join a friend at a restaurant, I shall attempt to get my work.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to enjoy my day off, I believe it’s because I miss James so, and I find myself counting the hours until he returns. Counting hours takes up one’s time enormously.

Food, fitness and health


With all my stress piling up, on this day specifically, I began thinking of what I was going to treat myself to for lunch and, of course, decided on sushi. Once I began thinking of eating well and working out for my health and overall well-being, I instantly became calmed. Focusing on making healthy choices, working out and improving my mental being is far more important than any test or homework assignment I come across and thus puts everything into focus.

Escape to Wonderland









In a small town outside of my city, my best friend and I came across the most beautiful restaurant inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The coffee there was the best I have ever had in my entire life. Typically, I drown my coffee in creamer, leaving no room for the actual taste of coffee to come in contact with my taste buds, but this coffee merely needed a pinch of sugar and, ah I should’ve asked if I could’ve purchased some for home. The amazing coffee came from Hawaii, making the state even more desirable.

Vegan? Again?

This evening while I was waiting for my boyfriends arrival, I began thinking of meals to cook and then remembered- he’s a temporary vegan boy right now. So I ran off into the google world and found a recipe for vegan peanut stir fry (link for recipe below) and surprisingly I had most of the ingredients stalked in my kitchen! I then ran, fast, to my neighborhood grocery store and picked up ginger, green beans and a lemon. I like ginger. Anyways, to my boyfriend and my surprise, it tasted amazing and we finished all of it. This vegan lifestyle has been quite entertaining.




After watching a documentary, my boyfriend decided to try out the vegan diet and see how it affected his everyday life. Being the supportive girlfriend I am, I decided to try it out as well, for a few meals at least. When I suggested cooking some rice and vegetables for dinner, James immediately reminded me of a vegan restaurant I had mentioned and we flew off to enjoy the cuisine there. Wow. I had vegetable enchiladas, poblano brown rice and a corn salad. It was the first time in my life that I finished all the enchiladas given to me at a restaurant. James opted for the monster nacho taco which he demolished quickly, hence the lack of photographs.

Now, besides the veganness, I am officially on fall break!!!!!!! I am ecstatic and can now focus on all things horror. Ah!!! My posts have been far too kind and G rated. Well, on to the blood and gore.