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By the river













November. A new month has arrived, however, I feel as though it’s a new year.

I feel I have grown the most in 2014. My goals, my inner happiness, my relationships, my love for the world and others, has grown exponentially. Usually on Sunday nights I would lay in bed stressed about Monday morning, but as I sit here calmly, completely in the moment, I know I am no longer the person I used to be. I look forward to what is ahead of me, and I no longer look at my past with regret; only for guidance.

Is this what it means to grow older? If so, I am looking forward to all of my upcoming years. xx

Adams Falls

Have you ever had a personal connection with nature? An overpowering, almost spiritual, connection? I’ve always loved nature, but today was the first time I felt an overwhelming connection to the natural state of life.

Adams Falls, hidden away in Rocky Mountain National Park, transformed me, if only for a moment. The water cascading down over rocks and enormous trees that had fallen from time. The known fact that the water was so much more powerful than you. It was the first time I had ever seen a waterfall.

The sound overpowered everything around me and all I could hear was peace; all I could see was beauty. Natural beauty, beauty untouched by human hands. The type of beauty that is forgotten in this day of technology- the day of filters, the day of photoshop, the day of altering everything around us. This waterfall, this piece of Earth, was beautiful, all by itself, it need not compete with the trees or foliage around it, merely complement it.

The metaphor, of course, that caused that one tear to brim my eye, was that of letting go and surrendering. Surrendering all of your vices, all of your pain, and letting them flow with the water, freeing you.

A place to say goodbye.

It would go against everything I spoke of to alter the photographs below, which is why I have not. Here is Adams Falls, in all of it’s glorious beauty.




Halloween, where art thou?

Today I screamed while driving by a Spirt Halloween sign. After having a small discussion with James about why I shouldn’t scream when I’m driving a car because it may scare others in the car, I drove towards the sign. Upon arrival, disappointment set in that Spirit Halloween was not open. The sign lied. Since then (11 a.m.), my mind has been fixated on the haunting day, even more so than normal days, so I felt it was only appropriate to go back through my favorite photos from last Halloween.¬†kidders-second-halloween-026 the-pumpkin current-halloween-decor-005 kidders-halloween-celebration-047
20121030-172743 lit-candles

People en Espanol blogger luncheon
















I attended my first blogger event! It was amazing. People en Espanol will be holding their 3rd annual festival this weekend at the Convention Center and yesterday San Antonio bloggers got an exclusive look at the festival.

Victoria ( and I drove to the Convention Center with absolutely no expectations. Having never attended any sort of blogger preview, I was excited and, of course, nervous of the unknown. As soon as we arrived and walked into a room with one large table with a few buffet style tables set up in the corners, I knew it was going to be an amazing luncheon. I could only compare it to the Women in the Arts luncheon Carrie and Samantha attended, but without the champagne and Big drama. Anyways, the menu consisted of chicken with spinach and mushrooms, fish with a white cream sauce and grapes accompanied by asparagus, potatoes and more deliciously cooked vegetables. My favorite part of the meal? The panacotta with a side of warm tea.

After feasting, we entered the festival area, where many displays were already upright. CoverGirl, Disney, Coca Cola and ESPN were a few booths I spotted. The pictures will explain everything. The Disney area was my favorite (and a PR home run) with multiple places to take photos with Mickey hands, Stitch hands and talking bubbles.

I’m hooked. I’m hooked on blogger events, luncheons, anything that brings together a group of amazing ladies with similar interests. Thank you People en Espanol, Disney and Coca Cola for showing me an amazing time.

Until my next luncheon, xx.




Ahhh, outfit of the day posts have always been so difficult for me. I become overly critical, almost like I’m editing a thesis. Perhaps even harder than editing a thesis.

Well, I’ve said goodbye to my overly critical self and embraced the casual #OOTD post. Yesterday I purchased this gorgeous skirt from Nordstrom Rack. I was shopping with James and asked him if I had too many high-waisted skirts and he replied with, “Don’t you only have only four or five?” Love hit me hard at that moment.

If I had to choose one fashion obsession, it would be high-waisted skirts. I wear them with grey crop tops, black crop tops, patterned crop tops, sometimes I even accompany them with blouses neatly tucked in, but most of the time, it’s crop tops. The gorgeous dark purple crop top pictured above is from Bar iii. Oh and my other obsession, Angels and Airwaves, a forgotten band from my middle school years that I’ve recently rediscovered and play on repeat.

Goodbye critical self, hello casual lass. xx