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What an amazing day off

Today has been wonderful. James and I went apartment hunting for a majority of the afternoon and came across a few apartments that we were both fond of. I fell in love with an apartment complex that differed from all the rest and reminded me of a quaint neighborhood in some European city because all of the apartments were aligned down a tight road with balconies towering above you. Ah, it was beautiful! And of course, it was the most expensive apartment we viewed that day. Thankfully James can set my mind straight when thoughts of money evaporate from my mind in exchange for beauty. I love a beautiful exterior. We were not able to view the two bedroom apartment today and I shall be returning within the next two days to see if the inside matches the gorgeous surroundings.

Another place reigning at the top of our list is a very reasonably priced and large two bedroom town home. When the day first began, I felt slightly stressed about the apartment search, but once we viewed the first place all of my anxieties flew away. I’m excited for the move, I’ll be even more excited once we’ve selected the ideal location, but I know I’ll shed a few tears as I pack away the home we’ve been residing in for two years.