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“Ageless” beauty

This morning, with a plate of fresh fruit and orange juice in hand (no coffee!), I sat down and watched a show I’d been waiting for- Oprah Prime featuring Sharon Stone and Cameron Diaz talking about aging gracefully. It was a beautiful change from my typical shows I turn to in the early morning hours. They spoke of how it’s impossible to be an ageless beauty- everyone ages, we cannot defy nature. Although I feel that I already know this knowledge, I don’t practice it in my everyday life. It was refreshing to watch Cameron Diaz, a gorgeous woman who thousands lusted over when she first came onto the movie screen at the age of 21 and now, at 41, she feels as though she understands herself more, feels even more beautiful.

Something Sharon Stone said made me feel bittersweet. She was once invited to a Playboy photo shoot and the model’s body was being held up my electrical tape. Electrical tape was lifting her breast up! And the would just Photoshop then they tape out.  It’s insane. It’s so insane. How do these gorgeous women feel when they are literally taped to morph their body into Playboy’s unrealistic standard of beauty?

Today, when you look in the mirror, compliment yourself. Then, compliment yourself again.

Happy Mondays! xx