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As the boredom sets in


I spent my afternoon enjoying Target today. After my appointment, I felt no desire to return home so I walked the aisles. Targets clothing collection has become increasingly decent over the past few years. I wanted to purchase a multitude of attire, however, I settled on one skirt that I have not yet photographed. The first photo is of a see through dress I purchased at a second hand store. I do love it and bought it because it reminded me of the clothing Amanda Seyfried wore in Chloe. She dresses so elegantly throughout the film, and most items were repeated. It’s one of my favorite movies, overflowing with deceit and sensuality. The second photo is of a jacket I found while shopping. Perhaps if it ends up on the clearance rack I shall buy it. Since I’ve returned from Target my day has been quiet. When I have a free day I tend to become overly bored and lethargic around this time of day. I came out to get fresh air before the night hours arrive.

Skeleton one piece

















More desirable items for this Halloween. I just returned from my traditional trip to pick up Halloween decorations the night before October 1! My favorite item is a hanging pumpkin-scarecrow man with chains and an intense outfit. My cat is currently staring up at him, startled I’m sure. It was quite a success with me spending a mere $25. I’ll post the pictures tomorrow, most likely during the night hours.

*Image is not mine and URL is attached.