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Playing catch up

Since I’ve been idle for a few months, I have so many photos that I never shared on here! Below are photos I took right after I graduated from college (Class of 2013!) and I had a ridiculous amount of free time to stage photo shoots in my guest bedroom. At times I do miss the freedom of waking up everyday with no responsibility, but I quickly faded into a life of bad television and too little cardio. If you’re home all day, how can you appreciate the euphoria of coming home after a long day?

bohostyle photo

I have returned

Hello, WordPress! Oh, how long it has been since I have blogged. I believe my last post was in February, and since then I have graduated college! I have yet to walk the stage, but I received my diploma on Saturday and it was an overwhelming feeling. I made it through college. Through all the struggles and pains of midnight studying and midnight term papers.

Now, my life shall not revolve around course schedules and meetings with professors.

Kitty Khaos

This portrays how I felt this morning when I woke up three hours late for registration! After about an hour of overwhelming disappointment and pure chaos, I’ve managed to sign up for all of my classes but one, which will be discussed on Monday with my adviser. I may be doing an independent study, just the name sounds amazing, and it’s quite self explanatory, as the class will be!!!

I’m still not quite all here. I need at least half an hour of mind numbing online time before I can get dressed for my photography class. What a morning, I hope yours has been far more relaxing.

And the routine continues

I’ve been falling asleep on the couch every night before midnight strikes and every night I am awakened by my boyfriend, urging me to go collapse in the bedroom instead of the living room. It’s odd really, for I am accustomed to late nights where I am able to complete all tasks necessary before going into my nightly routine and comfortably laying myself in bed. I am assuming my body and mind have been hit with exhaustion from school. I feel as though the workload is not difficult nor overwhelming, yet my body tells me otherwise.

College rants

I am quite tired and utterly confused about what happened to my weekend. And I’ve just been fully awoken by my boyfriend pretending to be a race car. It was precious. My thoughts have been overly occupied by school. I’ve made the decision to go to graduate school and immense pressure has fallen upon me however I want to obliterate this pressure to a small amount. Just a necessary amount of pressure. Once I apply to graduate school I will begin taking graduate classes this semester, next semester and then summer and then I will go on to be a full blown graduate student with a thesis class and everything. Then I will be released into the world which is becoming more appealing as the days go on.