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‘Tis the PR Season

PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea4 PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea2 PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea3 PublicRelationsClientGiftIdea5 “I work in PR.”

No, I’m not just quoting Sex and the City again, I really do work in PR! What is public relations? My coworker came up with a great way to describe it- we try to make our clients famous.

With the holidays coming up, our PR firm is showing our gratitude to our clients by creating gorgeous fall boxes to spread some holiday cheer. Another one of my coworkers put these boxes together and as soon as my eyes fell upon them, I took out my camera.

Simple, yet beautiful and filled with the holiday essentials. Wine or coffee, whichever you prefer, it’s coming your way! I’m excited to deliver these boxes, however, instead of being dressed like Santa, I’ll be wearing this grey, floral sweater I found at Target. If you’re looking for a gift to give a coworker, a client, a friend or a loved one, choose a beautifully printed box and don’t forget the hand-written card!


DIY teal chairs


I’ve been living with these chairs for a little more than three years, and for a little less than three years I’ve thought about changing the fabric. Yesterday, in a random bout, James and I ventured out to find new fabric to reupholster the chairs. At first, we were leaning towards a nice stormy cloud, grey, but quickly settled on a teal when the grey didn’t measure up.

We needed 2′ x 2′ pieces of fabric for our five chairs. I enjoyed cutting the fabric and then stapling them to the back of the seat. It was quite exciting, in only the way DIY projects can be exciting.

I’m thrilled with the new color, as is Kidder, who found himself at home quite quickly. Now, too much talk of DIY, time for something active, like kickboxing.

DIY nightstand

Beforenightstand DIYNightstand
I’m a fan of Pinterest and have always told myself I’m a fan of DIY, however, this is the first project I have actually completed!

I go with a black color scheme in most of my apartment, highlighted by teal and other moderately bright colors. I didn’t snap a before photo of the nightstand, but the dresser (pictured above) is the same, dull wooden color. A couple layers of primer and black paint and the nightstand was transformed! I was finally able to hang the black and white landscape photo and my grandmother’s candles no longer looked out of place.

Next, the dresser. But first, reupholstering the kitchen chairs!