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The long days of fall

I woke up early today! Yes, instead of crawling back under the covers for an extra hour, or two, hours of sleep, I awoke at 7 a.m., made coffee and worked online! I feel as though I have accomplished so much, but today will be quite long. I have work in about an hour and then I have school. After my first class I’m going to work on the portrait pictures James and I took yesterday which turned out beautifully. He’s unbelievably photogenic while I critiqued each photo he took of me. Then after my photos have been edited, I have another class that I am thinking about slipping out of early to eat a meal before I see a play in the evening, which counts for extra credit for my ethics class. The play sounds interesting, and students have described it as “really intense” which is all I know.

Sunday beauties

Morning (late afternoon) breakfast at Cracker Barrel-  check. Shopping around at oddities shop- check. Movies- check. Spending all day with my love- check. First taste of egg nog this fall- check! I have truly enjoyed this Sunday, which receives an applaud from myself since I have an extremely high tendency to fall into a depression on Sundays. I’ve evaluated myself to see why this may be and the answer seems simple, but unbelievably complex when the depression actually hits on the day of all days. Sometimes I wish I majored in psychology, but if the years pass and I still find myself with this thought, I shall return to school and truly dissect the human mind and all it’s mysteries.

The howling wind

Today as I woke up, I heard a familiar sound while walking through my living room- the sound of the wind howling outside my door. Fall weather has, hopefully, finally arrived! I immediately stepped outside and took in the fresh air. Ahhh, everything seems to be well!
Yesterday I made at trip to Spirit Halloween and sadly found out that all of the outfits I have previously mentioned I wanted to buy are sold online. I’m one who needs to try on the outfit before I purchase the apparel. *sigh* Well, I did try on one costume, this burlesque outfit. If all else fails! Tonight I am making my traditional trip to buy Halloween decor in bulk at midnight when it is officially October 1!

*Image is from Spirit Halloween and has URL attached. 

The beginnings of September

Finally, September 1 has arrived. After a hectic week, I am finally able to relax with a cup of coffee and let myself unwind. I’m always torn between whether I want to stay in or venture out into the world on my days off. I’m listening to this song called Intro by the XX. There are no words, just instrumentals. I can think clearer when lyrics of songs aren’t interrupting my thoughts. I’d like to think my mind becomes the lyrics in the song that sings with no words, but whoever wrote it had their own thoughts seeping through before mine could intertwine. Oh, philosophy, how you have changed the way I view the world before me. I believe everyone should take at least one philosophy course, or at least read about philosophy for it truly influences you in ways that no other subject can. I have found that many people find the teachings of philosophy to be “boring”, but I guess they don’t understand, or don’t want to take the time to deepen their thoughts and truly dissect all that is around them. I am quite sure I will minor in philosophy. I am only in my second course, ethics, and to minor I only need to take four more classes. The class I am most looking forward to is the aesthetics of art and beauty. I wouldn’t mind taking all the classes available. I didn’t major in philosophy because society has told me there are no jobs for those who take that path. What a shame. Even if minoring in the subject doesn’t grant me any financial success, the mental success will be far greater. !!! The coffee is beginning to kick in!!!


Wednesday, my one leisure day during the week. I awoke early to purchase my last book for my photography class and on the way back I decided to celebrate the fact that I was up early and that my boyfriend was also awake at home by buying cheese coffee cake! I tend to stray away from sweets and anything unhealthy, but I threw those thoughts away today. The coffee cake was amazing as well as the coffee that accompanied it. After drinking a couple cups, I ironically fell asleep until noon when my mother came to visit me! With her she brought a box full of all the Halloween decorations I have purchased throughout the past couple years. I decided I would be decorating early- extremely early- this year, but I decided to wait a couple more weeks. It didn’t feel right yet. I did, however, place a few decorations out which cause me complete happiness whenever I gaze upon them. On the midnight of October 1, I go to the store and buy Halloween decorations in bulk. It’s one of the few traditions I have, but I adore it to no end. Except many, many Halloween posts to come!

As fall approaches

During the summer, I set a goal for myself to begin a blog, however I became so obsessed with the creation of the layout that I never followed through. Now that fall begins to approach, I have found the motivation to begin. I love fall, mostly because I love Halloween. My school semester began last Monday, and now that the first week of school anxiety has passed, I have enough calmness to post all of my inspirations as well as daily activities. I am a senior and college and sometimes find myself wondering what I would be doing if I was not in school. I feel as though since I am in college, I must only concentrate on my education, yet this goes against everything else I believe in. I want to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. As the days pass, I want to fill them with happiness and not take any moment for granted. This blog shall help me to document my thoughts and keep my mind sane. Well, as sane as I can possibly be.