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My favorite gift to give

Thanksgiving 2012 WOOP! 066
I took this photo of my parents over Thanksgiving break. They were playing a game they used to play when they first met. I’m so grateful I had my camera to capture this amazing photo. I have framed it and cannot wait until they open it Christmas morning. I love them and the love they have for each other is unlike any I will ever witness in my life. Watching my mom and dad makes me believe in true love every single day, and for anyone who may be skeptical that such an everlasting, unselfish love can actually exist- believe me when I say it does. Have faith.


Wednesday, my one leisure day during the week. I awoke early to purchase my last book for my photography class and on the way back I decided to celebrate the fact that I was up early and that my boyfriend was also awake at home by buying cheese coffee cake! I tend to stray away from sweets and anything unhealthy, but I threw those thoughts away today. The coffee cake was amazing as well as the coffee that accompanied it. After drinking a couple cups, I ironically fell asleep until noon when my mother came to visit me! With her she brought a box full of all the Halloween decorations I have purchased throughout the past couple years. I decided I would be decorating early- extremely early- this year, but I decided to wait a couple more weeks. It didn’t feel right yet. I did, however, place a few decorations out which cause me complete happiness whenever I gaze upon them. On the midnight of October 1, I go to the store and buy Halloween decorations in bulk. It’s one of the few traditions I have, but I adore it to no end. Except many, many Halloween posts to come!