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Florals for spring

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

Miranda Priestly, florals for spring are groundbreaking, when they’re stitched on the designs of Michael Kors. All of the designs from his spring collection were delicate, beautifully made, and most importantly, realistic.

Dresses, skirts, blouses, all within the reach of the average human. Femininity and masculinity combined and created outfits that perfectly balanced day and night, while other outfits were purely feminine, embracing the purest of colors and the petals of flowers. Poetic. Poetic is a fine word to describe the Spring 2015 collection from the ever inspiring, Michael, Michael Kors. xx

*All images from vogue.com

For Love and Lemons

I first came across the amazing, unique brand For Love and Lemons when I was casually browsing through Instagram and saw an image of their lingerie. It was unlike anything I have ever seen and I it didn’t take much for me to become an admirer of For Love and Lemons. I remember reading about the history of the company and it was about two best friends who joined together to create this amazing retail store. I was inspired and even more intrigued with this authentic brand.

I’m a big believer that pajamas shouldn’t be composed of oversized branded t-shirts and printed, cotton pants, or printed, cotton shorts for that matter. Sometimes comfortable pajamas happen, after long days when you’re just too tired to give your night attire a second thought, but I view sleeping time as just another chance to dress it up. Make it fancy. Make yourself feel sexy. For Love and Lemons, I feel you on this!

If you’ve never seen any of For Love and Lemon’s pieces, get ready for your mind to be transported to another fashion dimension where lace, chicness and romanticism all come in one, sometimes tiny, package.


Next, a clothing post perhaps? xx




Ahhh, outfit of the day posts have always been so difficult for me. I become overly critical, almost like I’m editing a thesis. Perhaps even harder than editing a thesis.

Well, I’ve said goodbye to my overly critical self and embraced the casual #OOTD post. Yesterday I purchased this gorgeous skirt from Nordstrom Rack. I was shopping with James and asked him if I had too many high-waisted skirts and he replied with, “Don’t you only have only four or five?” Love hit me hard at that moment.

If I had to choose one fashion obsession, it would be high-waisted skirts. I wear them with grey crop tops, black crop tops, patterned crop tops, sometimes I even accompany them with blouses neatly tucked in, but most of the time, it’s crop tops. The gorgeous dark purple crop top pictured above is from Bar iii. Oh and my other obsession, Angels and Airwaves, a forgotten band from my middle school years that I’ve recently rediscovered and play on repeat.

Goodbye critical self, hello casual lass. xx

The seductive Altuzarra and Target collaboration

BLOG_dyptich4When this teaser first aired for Altuzarra, I was immediately intrigued. The lace, the heels, the amazing robe (which is one of my current obsessions) worked perfectly together in this short sneak peek. And the teaser is not deceiving; not only is Altuzarra going to be featuring a clothing line, they will also have lingerie. Lingerie at Target? Hm. All I know is I’ll be purchasing the lace mask.
I’ve been searching for previews of what Target is going to be selling, but there’s only a few hints. Very secretive. I love it. Joseph Altuzarra stated he’s going for an “adult seductive” look. I’m in.
Waiting for you, September 14. xx

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

When I worked at Nordstrom, the main topic of discussion on slow days was the anniversary sale. I worked in the lingerie department (I will do a post about how a bra should properly fit, it’s very important. Also a post about how the media has completely brainwashed us as far as cup sizes ago). Anyways, all of my favorite bras are going to be 40% off during this amazing sale.

My mind slowly began to forget about Nordstrom’s, and then I recently received the email. The email that held within it the catalog preview and all of the amazing attire, shoes and bras that would be going on sale. I now have a reminder on my phone to go off two days in advance about the sale, and I have been mindfully saving money for my mini shopping spree.

What’s on my list?




































The lingerie will be an entirely separate post. Can’t wait! xx

Playing catch up

Since I’ve been idle for a few months, I have so many photos that I never shared on here! Below are photos I took right after I graduated from college (Class of 2013!) and I had a ridiculous amount of free time to stage photo shoots in my guest bedroom. At times I do miss the freedom of waking up everyday with no responsibility, but I quickly faded into a life of bad television and too little cardio. If you’re home all day, how can you appreciate the euphoria of coming home after a long day?

bohostyle photo