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Playing catch up

Since I’ve been idle for a few months, I have so many photos that I never shared on here! Below are photos I took right after I graduated from college (Class of 2013!) and I had a ridiculous amount of free time to stage photo shoots in my guest bedroom. At times I do miss the freedom of waking up everyday with no responsibility, but I quickly faded into a life of bad television and too little cardio. If you’re home all day, how can you appreciate the euphoria of coming home after a long day?

bohostyle photo

Slightly cold weather= tights and boots


I wanted to take a picture by my pumpkin, but apparently there is not decent light on my porch. I love this skirt! I bought it at target a few weeks ago, even though it was see through. I usually stray away from see through skirts or dresses because I don’t particularly enjoy wearing slips underneath, but I was going through a floral stage and I saw no other option.

Update: turns out it’s actually about 90 degrees outside. This weather, man.

Shopping urges

Currently I am sitting on my massage chair with a cup of fresh coffee and watching What Not to Wear! This is my ideal morning especially since young James is asleep in the bedroom ☺ This show makes me want to dress amazingly, do my hair (for it is currently thrown into a messy bun) and spend every dime I have at boutiques and department stores and every store that houses apparel. I’d even enjoy a thrift store at this moment. Back to the show!

As the boredom sets in


I spent my afternoon enjoying Target today. After my appointment, I felt no desire to return home so I walked the aisles. Targets clothing collection has become increasingly decent over the past few years. I wanted to purchase a multitude of attire, however, I settled on one skirt that I have not yet photographed. The first photo is of a see through dress I purchased at a second hand store. I do love it and bought it because it reminded me of the clothing Amanda Seyfried wore in Chloe. She dresses so elegantly throughout the film, and most items were repeated. It’s one of my favorite movies, overflowing with deceit and sensuality. The second photo is of a jacket I found while shopping. Perhaps if it ends up on the clearance rack I shall buy it. Since I’ve returned from Target my day has been quiet. When I have a free day I tend to become overly bored and lethargic around this time of day. I came out to get fresh air before the night hours arrive.