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Vertical gardens

When you live in an apartment and your backyard consists of a nicely sized porch overlooking a nicely sized pool, vertical gardens can completely change the atmosphere of your porch. The greenery, the fresh flowers, the gorgeous smell, all add to the elegance I feel when I’m sipping on my morning tea. Currently, my vertical garden is very much in progress. My parents gave me a wonderful wire shelf, however, my first plant, a rose bush, quickly met it’s death. As my mom revives it, I’ve been researching (pinning) different vertical porches, and beautiful porches filled with lively plants, in anticipation of my green thumb.
Indoor vertical gardens

I may have to stick with succulents. xx



Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. I feel as though I have matured with age because I typically loathe my birthday and end up crying sometime throughout the day. Now, I am quite excited. Tomorrow morning I want to wake up and have a cup of hot chai tea while watching some of my favorite shows and then James and I are going to my favorite sushi place for lunch!!! After, shopping spree and then my brother is cooking me pizza. 22, wow.

Calla lilies

Wednesdays, probably my most favorite day of the week because my mom comes over to visit Kidder and I. We spend the morning drinking coffee and eating toast while we watch Kidder in all of his adorable acts. Today we went to Trader Joe’s and I purchased beautiful calla lilies and a personal sized goat cheese pizza, which sadly was not as amazing as it looked. I put all the calla lilies in vases and then googled whether they were poisonous to cats or not, well, turns out they are. So now they all rest beautifully in my bathroom. After my mom leaves I tend to become a bit restless and look for activities to keep me entertained, all while ignoring the fact that I have many tasks, work and school related, that I must complete. So instead of rushing off to join a friend at a restaurant, I shall attempt to get my work.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to enjoy my day off, I believe it’s because I miss James so, and I find myself counting the hours until he returns. Counting hours takes up one’s time enormously.

Sunday beauties

Morning (late afternoon) breakfast at Cracker Barrel-  check. Shopping around at oddities shop- check. Movies- check. Spending all day with my love- check. First taste of egg nog this fall- check! I have truly enjoyed this Sunday, which receives an applaud from myself since I have an extremely high tendency to fall into a depression on Sundays. I’ve evaluated myself to see why this may be and the answer seems simple, but unbelievably complex when the depression actually hits on the day of all days. Sometimes I wish I majored in psychology, but if the years pass and I still find myself with this thought, I shall return to school and truly dissect the human mind and all it’s mysteries.

Flowers help me sustain happiness

The weekend has arrived and I have found myself comfortably satisfied since I arrived home from school. In my photography class today we worked on a Photoshop tutorial to enhance faces. I’ve always wanted to learn how to Photoshop faces and bodies and I was thrilled to come home and practice on more photos, then I came to the depressing realization that I do not have Photoshop on my newly restored lap top. Now I shall find contentment in music, books and the ever entertaining internet.