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Late Friday post

My Friday through photos: Hibiscus sorbet dessert

A delicious hibiscus sorbet from an authentic  Japanese restaurant. I can’t get over how gorgeous the color is.

Gorgeous flower with green background

Around 7 p.m. my friend and I enjoyed the sunset at my favorite park. I walked far into the grass to get away from the geese who had claimed territory on the path and came across a beautiful flower it all of it’s loneliness. flashtat silver arrows

Yet another flashtat weekend. This design is one of my favorites from the pack.  I have found that flash tattoos and summer are my favorite combination.




Kitty Khaos

This portrays how I felt this morning when I woke up three hours late for registration! After about an hour of overwhelming disappointment and pure chaos, I’ve managed to sign up for all of my classes but one, which will be discussed on Monday with my adviser. I may be doing an independent study, just the name sounds amazing, and it’s quite self explanatory, as the class will be!!!

I’m still not quite all here. I need at least half an hour of mind numbing online time before I can get dressed for my photography class. What a morning, I hope yours has been far more relaxing.

Kitty sitting

My computer will not turn on! I am horrified and realizing how attached I have become to my four year old, baby lap top. In other news, I am cat sitting! Yes, three kitties in my small apartment. Kidder has adjusted surprisingly well, although I believe he was overwhelmed right now because he walked into the middle of the two cats and started meowing and putting his paw up. Perhaps he was suggesting a game?



Friday night, oh how I have dreamed of you. Typically when Friday night arrives, I hype myself up and make plans to stay out all night, thus leading to a lethargic Saturday and a hurried Sunday. However, the wiser I has made no plans, and will dedicate my time to full relaxation whether that be through reading horror novels or watching American Horror Story. My coworker surprised me today with some amazing Halloween decorations! I shall post photos in the daylight. Last night while I was writing in my mind, an article was brought to life and I titled it “Halloween Dates that will Make You Scream”. Hopefully it will be published within the next few days. I could probably write many topics with the ending “make you scream”.

I’m off to do absolutely nothing.