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Halloween Haute Couture

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Circa 2011, Julien Fournié Haute Couture collection had some designs that were bloody amazing. I’m not a fan of blood, yet these designs are gorgeous and unlike anything I have come across. Many works of art that contain blood come across as vulgar, to the point where you can’t look at it for too long. Yet this outfit, as well as the accompanying make up, has so much detail, and the expression the model holds while she’s wearing the dress goes perfectly with everything the designer/artist was trying to portray. Lana Del Rey also goes very well this this dress. I believe a movie script could be made just based of this Julien Fournié gown and Lana Del Rey’s voice.

Halloween has already begun in my world, which includes fashion. xx

Tim Burton inspired fashion







































































*All images are from Harper’s Bazaar and have URLs attached.

Skeleton dress

Last year I spotted this dress at a small Halloween store and somehow convinced myself not to purchase it. Now that October has arrived, I have the opportunity to ruthlessly search through stores until I come across this gorgeous, must-have outfit for me. I’m imaging it with black tights, heeled boots, and a long, thick, red jacket on top. Ahhhh!!!!

*Image is from Spirit Halloween and has URL attached.