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Lingerie- part III


In the final installment of my lingerie series, I wanted to chat about the importance of having a quality bra that fits correctly. Finding the perfect bra can easily compare to finding the perfect mate: you feel uplifted, complete and sexy.

There are a few simple ways to tell if your bra does not fit correctly.
1. You find yourself slipping out of your bra multiple times a day.
2. There’s a gap at the center of your bra, where the two cups connect.
3. The straps are constantly falling down, or the straps leave red marks.
4. The back of the bra rides up.

Now, how do you find a bra that fits you correctly? One way is to get a fit at- you guessed it- Nordstrom. I know I’ve been on a Nordstrom, lingerie runabout, but only because all I learned about lingerie, I learned at Nordstrom. You can try Victoria Secret, but from my experience, and from many of the ladies who I helped during my time at Nordstrom, Victoria Secret does not do a good job at fitting.

If you’d like to figure out your bra size¬†without the assistance of other humans, here are a few tips.
1. Measure right under your breasts and add two to the number. This is your band size. If you measure 34 around, then your bra size is going to be 36__.
2. Time to choose some bras. You know your band size, now all that’s left is the cup size. Start off with the cup size you’re currently wearing and then get a cup size smaller and a cup size larger. (i.e. you’ve been wearing a C cup, so grab a 36C, 36B and 36D.)
3. Once you’ve grabbed some choices, it’s time to try ’em all on!

When you’re in the dressing room:
1. Hook all the bras on the first hook. As you wear a bra, it begins to loosen up, and when this happens, you begin using the middle hook and so on. You don’t want to purchase a bra that only fits when you have it on the last hook.
2. The middle of the bra, where the two cups connect, should be sitting directly on your skin. This is called tacking. Tacking is wonderful. If it’s slightly raised, then you need a bigger size.
3. Check the straps. You want to be able to comfortably fit two fingers between your body and the bra strap. If you can fit your whole hand, then tighten the straps. This is vital for having the perfect lift.

Whew, lots of text. For another, more visually appealing tutorial, view the video below.

Time to go¬†out and find your perfect bra size! It’s worth it. xx