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Shopping urges

Currently I am sitting on my massage chair with a cup of fresh coffee and watching What Not to Wear! This is my ideal morning especially since young James is asleep in the bedroom ☺ This show makes me want to dress amazingly, do my hair (for it is currently thrown into a messy bun) and spend every dime I have at boutiques and department stores and every store that houses apparel. I’d even enjoy a thrift store at this moment. Back to the show!


Wednesday, my one leisure day during the week. I awoke early to purchase my last book for my photography class and on the way back I decided to celebrate the fact that I was up early and that my boyfriend was also awake at home by buying cheese coffee cake! I tend to stray away from sweets and anything unhealthy, but I threw those thoughts away today. The coffee cake was amazing as well as the coffee that accompanied it. After drinking a couple cups, I ironically fell asleep until noon when my mother came to visit me! With her she brought a box full of all the Halloween decorations I have purchased throughout the past couple years. I decided I would be decorating early- extremely early- this year, but I decided to wait a couple more weeks. It didn’t feel right yet. I did, however, place a few decorations out which cause me complete happiness whenever I gaze upon them. On the midnight of October 1, I go to the store and buy Halloween decorations in bulk. It’s one of the few traditions I have, but I adore it to no end. Except many, many Halloween posts to come!