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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

When I worked at Nordstrom, the main topic of discussion on slow days was the anniversary sale. I worked in the lingerie department (I will do a post about how a bra should properly fit, it’s very important. Also a post about how the media has completely brainwashed us as far as cup sizes ago). Anyways, all of my favorite bras are going to be 40% off during this amazing sale.

My mind slowly began to forget about Nordstrom’s, and then I recently received the email. The email that held within it the catalog preview and all of the amazing attire, shoes and bras that would be going on sale. I now have a reminder on my phone to go off two days in advance about the sale, and I have been mindfully saving money for my mini shopping spree.

What’s on my list?




































The lingerie will be an entirely separate post. Can’t wait! xx