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#Revenge Fashion

RevengeSeason4Episode1EmilyThorneDress1RevengeSeason4Episode1Fashion RevengeSeason4Episode1NolanOutfit RevengeSeason4Episode1EmilyThorneDressRevengeSeason4Episode1EmilyThorneDressRevenge aired the premiere of their fourth season tonight and the fashion was amazing.

My obsession with Revenge began when I came across the first three seasons on Netflix and binged watched them to completion. Emily (nonchalantly wearing a gorgeous, floral silhouette) and Nolan (casually being carried in on a throne) are by far my favorite characters, and may have the best fashion choices. The outfits on set have always captured my eye, but tonights episode made me even more aware of the perfected styles of each character.

To another wonderful season of Revenge! I can hardly wait until next week. xx