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Musical notes

Where have I been hiding? I just now, at this very moment, installed Spotify. Seriously. I’ve been going through the struggles of hoping my favorite songs will come on Pandora, and then when they don’t, casually switching over to YouTube to physically type in the song. Spotify allows you to listen to any album ever? This is beautiful.

Songs I’m currently listening to on repeat:

Pompeii by Jasmine Thompson
Let Her Go by Jasmine Thompson
Together by the XX (Great Gatsby related obsession)
Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray
California by Delta Spirit
Tiny Vessels by Death Cab for Cutie
Love Me Again by John Newman
Summer by Calvin Harris
Life Changes by Casey Veggies

Jasmine Thompson’s voice calms the soul. She sings ever so beautifully, every note sways me.


Flashtat obsession

photo 1flashtatiiI’m one to rarely purchase items online, but when I came across Flashtat’s instagram, I instantly fell in lust with their gorgeous and unique temporary tattoos. I purchased the Lena collection, and apply at least two different designs whenever I’m going out into the wilderness, or just laying by the pool. The image below is what I received in the mail. The combination of tattoos are endless– let your creativity flow. Next on my list is their Wild Child collection.