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November. A new month has arrived, however, I feel as though it’s a new year.

I feel I have grown the most in 2014. My goals, my inner happiness, my relationships, my love for the world and others, has grown exponentially. Usually on Sunday nights I would lay in bed stressed about Monday morning, but as I sit here calmly, completely in the moment, I know I am no longer the person I used to be. I look forward to what is ahead of me, and I no longer look at my past with regret; only for guidance.

Is this what it means to grow older? If so, I am looking forward to all of my upcoming years. xx


All day indoors

Yesterday I strained my shoulder and have since kept myself indoors for the remainder of the weekend. I did spend time sitting on my porch for some sunlight to replenish my energy! After consuming two cups of a coffee and some mint lemongrass tea (which is amazing!), I found myself watching a horrible show on Netflix– Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas. I never watched the show Bridezillas, solely because of the name. A couple screaming at each other before and on their wedding day is not something I wish to take part in. Perhaps the drama is amped up because the cameras are rolling and that specific target audience expects screaming and crying, but all that anger on such a monumental, amazing day, is saddening.

This show– Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas– is exactly what the title states, and although it is entertaining, after two episodes I had to switch it off because all that on camera arguing was beginning to put me in a negative space. I am now six hours clean from the show and I am feeling quite amazing.

Brunch, brunch, brunch

Salmon BagelDSCN0233Penguin friend
I love brunch! This Sunday my boyfriend and I traveled into the depths of downtown in search of the perfect brunch meal and found an overly crowded restaurant with hardly any seating. Typically, we leave these types of situations before one of us decides we can no longer take the large amount of people surrounding us, but today we didn’t and had a joyful meal which ended with me attempting to photograph the city and spilled coffee all over the concrete. What a wonderful Sunday it was.

Gluten free, Aussie brunch

French toastEgg sandwichSauces for egg sandwich
This morning, James and I ventured to an Aussie bakery and had probably the best brunch we’ve had this year. Their unique french toast slaughtered all other conventional french toasts I’ve ever had, besides homemade french toast of course. I typically loathe egg sandwiches and the mere thought causes me to gag without control, but I tore this one apart once the bacon was removed. The sauces that accompanied the sandwich were roasted bell pepper chutney and cilantro pesto. Ahhh it was so good I wish I could have some right now! *glances at Chinese food sitting nearby and shrugs* Maybe next Sunday.

Sunday beauties

Morning (late afternoon) breakfast at Cracker Barrel-  check. Shopping around at oddities shop- check. Movies- check. Spending all day with my love- check. First taste of egg nog this fall- check! I have truly enjoyed this Sunday, which receives an applaud from myself since I have an extremely high tendency to fall into a depression on Sundays. I’ve evaluated myself to see why this may be and the answer seems simple, but unbelievably complex when the depression actually hits on the day of all days. Sometimes I wish I majored in psychology, but if the years pass and I still find myself with this thought, I shall return to school and truly dissect the human mind and all it’s mysteries.



Going on four days without my precious laptop. I will be taking it to be looked at by a tech professional this week and hopefully everything will be restored. Today was a beautiful Sunday! I visited the mummy exhibit I’ve been desperately waiting to see and the mummies were astounding. I asked if photography was permitted, but sadly it was not. While I was walking through the exhibit, my mind was unable to grasp the concept of actual mummification. I have a tendency to become faint in situations where the visuals are too intense or graphic, yet i felt fine even while gazing upon the most gruesome of mummies. They had mummies of fetuses, animals, young children and older humans. Some mummies had their hair still attached and many had their nails still intact. One mummy was of a mother who had a child under her abdomen and another child lying on top of her. How I wish I could of taken photos!
After, I ventured around the vicinity and took pictures of the beautiful scenery. Then my boyfriend and I went out to eat at a restaurant I despised, but the ahi tuna salad was pleasant.
My fall break begins Wednesday!!!! I will devote my break to more Halloween festivities. Happy Sunday night.