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Study, study, sushi?

I’ve been studying for about two hours now and I typically reward myself with sushi, the best reward I could give myself. This meme came to mind and actually portrays my actions quite well at times.


Food, fitness and health


With all my stress piling up, on this day specifically, I began thinking of what I was going to treat myself to for lunch and, of course, decided on sushi. Once I began thinking of eating well and working out for my health and overall well-being, I instantly became calmed. Focusing on making healthy choices, working out and improving my mental being is far more important than any test or homework assignment I come across and thus puts everything into focus.

A new awakening







Two days a week, I have a break during my classes where I typically spend at the gym or working online. I despise these breaks and all breaks I’ve ever had between classes because I have limited myself to two options. I want to live a more spontaneous, beautiful and calming life, yet I overlook these restrictions I’ve bounded myself to for years. Today as I was sitting at the computer, hyping myself up for about two hours or work, I stopped. I put away my computer and began walking to the food market close to my school. Currently, I am sitting outside after completing my meal of an eel roll and enjoying the company of my writing. No stress, no routine, just the spontaneity I’ve always dreamt of for myself. If I begin to look at breaks without boundaries, my days and my weeks will feel more fulfilling. I need to suck out all the self inflicted dread in my life and I intend on doing this.
The photos above were taken during my break and I feel they resemble a new awakening, at least for this Tuesday.

All you can eat sushi fail

I tend to eat very,very light meals yet I was ecstatic when the restaurant my boyfriend and I chose tonight featured all you can eat sushi- good sushi! Cautiously, I asked the waiter how many pieces of sushi came with each roll since it was all you could eat and you had to pay for the rolls you did not ingest. He replied what I thought was “two”. Great! I figured I would be able to taste test at least six different rolls. I ordered my first two rolls and then went on to make a list of the additional rolls I would order, numbered from one to six. As my boyfriend and I playfully chatted about our cat and my passionate love affair with raw fish, the waiter arrived with two very large rolls. “You have to eat all of them,” my boyfriend announced as I gazed down upon the monstrous meal.
With each bite my boyfriend cheered me on and smiled a smile I had never seen before. Did I eat them all or did we have to pay an extra $14 per roll?

I ate them all. Yum.