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Temporary tattoos are the new black

Remember when temporary tattoos were only available in vending machines at your local grocery store? Back when temp tats were only attainable if you had a couple of quarters and you only had a few options, all of which were very obviously fake when you transferred it onto your skin. My favorites used to be the tattoos that said “Angel” and “Princess”. Well, along with my taste in words, the temporary tattoo world has drastically changed.

Temporary tattoos are mystical, beautiful and unbelievably versatile. I believe temporary tattoos are the new black, or at least the newest fashion accessory. Below are some of my favorite temps, which I will be purchasing shortly.
Purchasing “we’re all mad here” right after I post this. Can’t wait. xx

*All images have links attached.

Late Friday post

My Friday through photos: Hibiscus sorbet dessert

A delicious hibiscus sorbet from an authentic  Japanese restaurant. I can’t get over how gorgeous the color is.

Gorgeous flower with green background

Around 7 p.m. my friend and I enjoyed the sunset at my favorite park. I walked far into the grass to get away from the geese who had claimed territory on the path and came across a beautiful flower it all of it’s loneliness. flashtat silver arrows

Yet another flashtat weekend. This design is one of my favorites from the pack.  I have found that flash tattoos and summer are my favorite combination.




Flashtat obsession

photo 1flashtatiiI’m one to rarely purchase items online, but when I came across Flashtat’s instagram, I instantly fell in lust with their gorgeous and unique temporary tattoos. I purchased the Lena collection, and apply at least two different designs whenever I’m going out into the wilderness, or just laying by the pool. The image below is what I received in the mail. The combination of tattoos are endless– let your creativity flow. Next on my list is their Wild Child collection.