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Visiting the Stanley Hotel

StanleyHotel_TheShining3StanleyHotel_TheShining4StanleyHotel_TheShining5StanleyHotel_TheShining6StanleyHotel_TheShining8StanleyHotel_TheShining10StanleyHotel_TheShiningStanleyHotel_TheShining2StanleyHotel_TheShining7StanleyHotel_TheShining11StanleyHotel_TheShining12StanleyHotel_TheShining13A few months ago I traveled to Colorado. The Rocky Mountain National Park, rivers, lakes, animals, and the Stanley Hotel.

The Shining ranks high on my list of favorite books as well as favorite movies, and when my family announced our trip would be to Colorado, I knew I had to visit the hotel where Stephen King drew all of his inspiration for such a horrifically amazing book.

The hotel was everything I imagined. Memorabilia of the movie was scattered about the hotel, photographs of animals that were spotted on the property during the midnight hours and a display of butterflies, all of which were dead. I’m not sure if this was done purposely, to create an eerie atmosphere, or if they all just happened to die at the same time.

The Stanley Hotel wasn’t all about horror- the vintage decor was gorgeous, the staircases kept my attention and the Steamers Cafe had amazing desserts.

The best part about the Stanley? Every television has one channel that continuously plays the Shining. xx


Successful travels




IMG_5537.JPG Today I traveled to Concan, TX to camp with my dearest friend. We spent our evening by the Frio River, listening to our favorite songs and then walking around campsites as the sun set over the hills. It was gorgeous, and once again I am learning that my days spent out doors bring me so much happiness.



SanAntonioRiverWalkBargeRideMorningI’ve become quite tired during the evenings, yet I must still find my strength to write. Colorado photos must be sorted through for they are far too beautiful not to share, as well as photos of the Stanley Hotel!

This year I told myself I would travel more, and I feel as though I have not let myself down. I don’t need to travel across the country, traveling to any new destination, whether it’s 96 or 1,256 miles away, I long for it all.

New rivers, new trees, new emotions.

This weekend I plan on going about 90 miles outside of my city to a town I’ve never ventured to. My best friend and I will spend a day and night in nature. My camera shall be loaded with film (or just fully charged) and my mind will be free of all woeful thoughts.

Nature, how I long for you. How you cleanse my soul. xx

2014 resolutions

inspiration_edited-1I can’t believe it’s already March! I’ve decided to post my 2014 resolution list which I made on January 1 and see how well I’ve been doing with my resolutions.

Travel: Yes! So far I have been down to the beach and this weekend I traveled north to visit the largest telescope in Texas! (this must be a post in itself- the trip was a whirlwind)

Cardio: I feel as though I could be doing better. I run outdoors at least three times a week. Ok, maybe sometimes I only get in two running days. I’m not a fan of the gym, so I have been avoiding getting my cardio fix in there.

Journal everyday: Fail.

Read: I have yet to finish one book this year, but I am currently reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and the last book in the Fifty Shades trilogy.

Erase all voices of society: I feel as though I am doing well with this resolution. I haven’t been sucked into anything I haven’t wanted to truly do.

Be spontaneous: I could be more spontaneous. *runs away from computer*

Lose yourself: Work in progress. I lost myself on a park bench today.

Start my own company: I’ve been working on this everyday.

How are you doing on your new year resolutions?